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About The Photographer:

My name is Danny Leary. My favorite accomplishments are raising four smart and beuatiful girls and being married to a woman that is way out of my league. I'm pretty proud of those things, but since you're on my business web page, you probably want to hear about photography...

I have won a lot of awards, but probably my favorite was scoring a perfect 100 in PPA District Print Competition. Not because of the score, but because it was a very emotional album and it resonated with the judges. They cried. That is what photography is all about to me. Connecting with people and conveying memories and emotions through images. I believe in printing our work for that reason. Those are the things that will be passed on for generations to come. That is why I do what I do.

I feel like my biggest accomplishments were being awarded my PPA Master of Photography degree, because it's a process that requires you to attain a standard consistently over a period of time. Craftsmanship is very important to me. If it's worth doing, it should be done right. I also sit on the Professional Photographers of West Virginina Board of Directors. because I believe that teaching that craftsmanship to the next generation is equally as important.

I like good coffee, The Steelers, old movies and creating portraits that capture the true essence of my subject. Those images aren't made by clicking the shutter, but by getting to know the person in front of the camera.

Everyone has a story. Who's telling yours?